How you can help?

You can help Patan CBR in this way:

1.        Support for its own building construction:

2.        Sponsor as many child as you can 

3.        Sponsor assistive devices and medicine

4.        Support by monthly and annual giving

5.        Support collectively from organization as part of corporate social responsibility (CSR)

6.        Organize charity shows and fundraising concerts

 Whatsoever be the form of contribution to the cause of disability, our seriousness is in ensuring that your support will be delivered directly to the children with disability in our work areas spread in Lalitpur, Kathmandu and Nuwakot districts.

You can contribute by direct monetary help. For this the bank detail is


NABIL BANK, Lalitpur branch

Kathmandu, Nepal

Account No: 0201017503646


Payable to Patan CBR Organization

For details:

Patan – CBR

P.O. Box. No. 219, Chakupat, Lalitpur, Nepal

Tel / Fax: 5260291 ,

Patan Community Based Rehabilitation Organization
Individual Sponsorship Form

Child Information
Child’s Name :
Gender :
Date of Birth :
Class :
Sponsor Information

Name :
Address :
Contact No. :
Email Add. :
Sponsored Date:
Sponsorship area Amount/Month Amount/Year

1.Education/Service: Rs.700 Rs. 8400
2.Transportation: Min.Rs.1200, Max. Rs2200 Min.Rs.14400, Max. 26400
3.Tiffin: Rs.600 Rs. 7200
4.Medicine: Min.Rs.800, Max. Rs.3000 Min. Rs. 9600, Max 36000
5.Physiotherapy: Rs. 700 Rs. 8400

Payment Option

1. Monthly 2. Quarterly 3. Half Yearly 4. Annually


I need to receive regular updates of the child including the child profile. I can visit at any time to my sponsor child.

Signature: …………………………. Date: ………………….

Account Information

Bank Name : Nabil Bank Limited, Pulchowk, Lalitpur
A/C Name : Patan CBR Organization
A/C Number : 0201017503646
A/C type : Current Account




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